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  It's with a heavy heart, that we, the Alexander's family, will be closing our doors, and saying goodbye to 'Alexander's Italian Bistro'.


   The Colaizzi families have owned and operated Alexander's for more than 60 years.  It was Alex Colaizzi's father, Alex, his place with his brother in law Tony Tumolo back in 1958.  It was called Alto's (clever use of names, right?). Dad's brother Bobby Colaizzi took it over in 1968 and renamed it Bobby C's, and then my dad, Alex began running it in 1977, and named it


  My sister, Tracy and I, along with my cousins, grew up in there.  We had communions and birthday parties, college graduations and funerals there.  We celebrated our milestones at 5104 Liberty Avenue.


 Our customers came from every diverse background and location imaginable.  We served doctors and nurses, actors, politicians, news anchors and the Pittsburgh community.  We, and when I say 'we', I mean everyone of our employees, engaged with our customers. 

We didn't just make great food; we created relationships.  Our customers shared their lives with us, and over the years, the bonds that 'we' made with so many are the reason Alexander's was the best restaurant around.


As the chapter closes on Alexander's, we take with us the most full heart, a heart full of memories, and laughter, and now tears.  We are blessed to call everyone of our customers our friends, and we thank you for keeping us at the heart of Bloomfield for all these years.

  But most importantly we, the Colaizzi's, need to thank our amazing staff.  Many of whom we have had for 20 + years.  Many who have come and gone, but always returned, no matter what side of the bar they sat on.  These are the relationships that hurt the most.  These amazing employees are the heart of the restaurant and my dad, as great as he is, could never have kept Alexander's going without all of you. 

My wish as I end this letter to our friends, is that you remember all the great memories with my dad and our crew.  I know we will remember all of you.

Kimberly Colaizzi Ifft






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Alexander's 40th Anniversary


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For over 38 years Alexander's has been a family run restaurant in the heart of Pittsburgh's Little Italy.  Preparing fresh sauces, soups and desserts daily is what makes Alexander's a highlight of Pittsburgh.  At Alexander's Italian Bistro, we combine fresh ingredients, great receipes and friendly service at a fair price.

We are proud to offer our "Create your own pasta dishes".  You select the pasta, a sauce, toss in a little bit of everything from vegetables to meats and seafood.  There are so many combinations that you will be thinking of your next creation before you  have finished your current one.

Pasta is not our only dish!  With favorites like eggplant parmesian, ravioli, fresh fish, seafood and daily specials there is plenty to choose from.  Of course save roon for desserts, we are known for our authentic homemade rice pudding and tira-misu. All our desserts are homemade. These receipes date back for generations.